Welcome To Grue, Norway

Where we are surrounded by beautiful nature.

Come see this amazing place!

Hus langs elva - forsidebilde

About Grue

Grue has a long history of immigrants settling in the community, our doors are always open. Today the population in Grue is 4777 and we wish to welcome more people!

A big part of our commune is covered by “Finnskogen” the forest of the Finns – named after the Finnish settlers in the 17th century. We might name a forest after you!

In the forest and around we have endless opportunities for outdoor living all year around with our numerous rivers, lakes and hiking trails which allows for both summer and winter activities. You might want to enjoy the “Allemannsretten” – the freedom to roam which allows you to walk, even camp, almost anywhere!

Norway and Grue are one of the safest places in the world. According to the latest OECD report, Norway scored 9.8in the safety category with a perfect 10 for life satisfaction. In the job category we scored 9.0

Come visit us and see for yourself. Or even better, move here and experience it! We are able to guide you in terms of jobs and housing. Contact us and you might be on your way to a fresh start in a new place.


Grue is surrounded by beautiful, pristine nature.

Social system

One of the world’s best social systems.


Lowest crime rate in the world.


Buying and rental opportunities in Grue.

Hiking areas

Lakes, rivers, trails – perfect for bathing, skating, hiking, biking and canoeing.


Pitch your tent deep in the woods and enjoy the food of the forest.

Drinking water

Amazing water – drink straight from the tap or scoop a handful up from a nearby river.


With little to no light pollution you can see the stars – every night!

Local events

Get to know the community and our history with plentiful of local events happening throughout the year.


Oslo main airport is less than two hours’ drive away with several smaller airports around.

Close to Sweden

We are good neighbors with Sweden – with no wall.


A little under two hours to drive from Grue to the capital.


in Grue


in Norway

Size Grue

(323 square miles)

Size Norway

(148 720 square miles)


We Want to Hear From You

Contact the Mayor’s office

Address: Grue Kommune, Postboks 94, 2261 Kirkenær, NORWAY

Phone: (+47) 62 94 20 00

E-mail:  post@grue.kommune.no

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