Don’t speak Norwegian yet? Ikke noe problem (no problem)

Recent studies have shown that English is just another Scandinavian language. And since we are able to speak to our fellow Danes and Swedes in Norwegian and be understood, you should be able to speak and be understood in no time.

Just add a singing twang to your English and sprinkle it with the three letters that don’t exist in English: æ, ø and å and you’re halfway there!

Norwegian basic:

English Norwegian Pronunciation
Hello Hallo “Hallou”
How are you? Hvordan har du det? “Vorden haar doo de”
My name is… Jeg heter… “Yay heter…”
I come from… Jeg kommer fra… “Yay comer fra”
Excuse me Unnskyld meg “Oonshill my”
I love you Jeg elsker deg “Yay el-scare die”
Goodbye Ha det bra “Haa-d bra”

And let us count:

English Norwegian Pronunciation
One En “Een”
Two To “End it like you are surprised”
Three Tre “Treeh”
Four Fire “Say it like it tickles”
Five Fem “Like feminine”
Six Seks “Do not need to be explained”
Seven Syv “Make a kiss mouth”
Eight Åtte “Starts like ‘all right’”
Nine Ni “Nii”
Ten Ti “Like ti-hi”
Eleven Elleve “Elve”
Twelve Tolv “Make the ‘all right’ start sound again”
Thirteen Tretten “Like you tried it”
Fourteen Fjorten “You did it right again”

Pretty similar that counting hu?

And the months:

English Norwegian Pronunciation
January Januar “Almost the same”
February Februar “Almost the same”
March Mars “Almost the same”
April April “Change “ei” with a”
May Mai “That a again”
June Juni “End the word with a smile”
July Juli “Keep smiling”
August August “Pretty much the same”
September September “Exactly the same”
October Oktober “Again, the same”
November November “So much the same”
December Desember “Correct, you already know this – the same”

If the counting were similar, the months are almost identical.

Did you know? 

Once you ’ve received your residence permit in Norway you are entitled to 600 hours in Norwegian lessons and social studies. You can get up to 3000 hours in total if you need it.

Do’s and Don’ts when in Norway:

Don’t kiss Norwegians on the cheek when greeting - Do give them a hug with chin to chin.

Don’t walk into people's homes without removing your shoes - Do pack your backpack with “niste” (packed lunch) and “gå på tur” (go for a walk) into the nature (in winter replace your boots with cross country skis).

Don't complain about the weather - it will suddenly be great again

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